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The Textile Management System is a function-rich office automation system. It offers a diverse range of interconnected modules designed to support best practices specifically in the textiles industry. These modules provide real time information entry, maintenance, tracking and intelligence facilities to users via secure Internet technologies. The system incorporates comprehensive tools and functionalities to actively support intelligent office automation.

The system is fabricated around the overall objectives of providing a flexible, user-specific work environment within management defined limits. It aims to execute better task control, coherence and efficient time utilization along with stringent data security and integrity. Textile Management System goes beyond conventional office automation to provide strategic management analysis, planning and decision support tools based on the critical routine and operational variables prevalent in the textile work culture.

The Textile Management System consists of a diverse range of interconnected modules designed to support the functional operations and managerial decision-making in the textiles industry. The modules and their key features are listed below:

  • Raw Material Management
  • Purchase & Inventory Control
  • Domestic Sales
  • Export Sales
  • Human Resource & Payroll
  • Production Planning & Control
  • Machine Maintenance
  • Tax Assessment
  • General Ledger
  • Fixed Assets Management
  • Authority Management System

In addition to the above-discussed fundamentals, The Textile Management System also offers a range of augmented utilities.


  • User specific multi-budgeting facility available
  • Allocation of the budget over a user specified budgeting period. Budget
    periods can be flexibly defined by the user as per requirements, for instance weekly, monthly, yearly etc.
  • Comparison of actual and budgeted values in the reporting format to facilitate variance testing. The reporting structure is flexibly designed and can be
    customized by the user as per requirements.

Executive Reporting
Provides the reports and documents specifically essential for the top management strategic analysis and decision making and include the following:

  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit & Loss Account
  • Budget Comparison
  • Consolidated Stores report
  • Consolidated Sales Position
  • Consolidated Raw Material

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