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Millions of people use different search engines (mostly Google, Yahoo or MSN) for finding different websites over the internet every hour. For example if you are the only businessman selling “Leather Shirts” in the world then you are searched more than 50 times approximately (statistic calculated at 16th May 2006) everyday by different users.
If you have a website then most of these (possibly your customers) users would place online orders.

Google is the most popular search engine and millions of people use its services every hour and in practice you would not be the only online business selling “Leather Shirts”. There are many other websites in similar businesses. For example, for selling “Leather Shirts”, you have 52,100 (statistic calculated at 16th May 2006) business website competing with you to take these online customers.

What would you do to target these more than 50 different customers so that most of them contact you for business but not your competitors? Google and other search engines list these websites page by page. To attract these customers, you’d like your website to be the number one returned result when a user searches for “Leather Shirts” on Google and other major search engines.

There are three factors involved in achieving your objective

  • You must have a very good website for selling “Leather Shirts”
  • Google should index the site and return it preferably on the first page in a
    search for “Leather Shirts”
  • Users must be often looking for your product descriptions such as “Leather

This modern or technical way of marketing is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You need your website to be created and optimized for the search engines so that these 50 users could possibly become your customers.




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