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The Patient Management System has been designed for qualified health professionals who manage their own private clinics. The Patient Management System helps private practitioners run their clinics more efficiently, saving time on administration, reducing expenses and increasing revenues. The Patient Management System offers the following benefits to its users:

  • The Patient Management System allows you to concentrate
    on what you do best... helping your patients/clients.
  • With the one-click management reports,
    you have instant access at any time
    to the essential information on your
    clinic(s) including new patients, medicines
    and much more!
  • Provide your patients with a fully comprehensive, typed report with
    just one click! This enables you to
    offer an additional service to your
  • Easily integrated with your existing
  The Patient Management System covers following areas:
  • Patient Information
    • New Patient
    • Vitals & Diagnosis
    • Prescription & Fee Charge
  • Investigations
    • EQ Investigations
    • Lab Investigations
      • Hepatitis
      • LFT
      • Semen
      • CBC Test
      • Serum Lipid Profile
      • Hormones
      • Urine
      • RFT
  • Clinical Activities
    • Therapeutic
    • Medicine Pharmacy
  • Certificates Printing
    • Fitness Certificate
    • Medical Certificate
    • Medicine Certificate
  • Reports
    • Daily Patient Report
    • Monthly Patient Report
    • Debit Report
    • Credit Report
  • Complete System Backup and Recovery
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