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Savefinder – Online personal shopping assistant


Personal Shoppers provide product advice fulfilling shopping requirements faster. Many retail stores have personal shoppers who are restricted by their own products. At Savefinder.com every product on the web becomes an option.

For example, I'm suddenly told that work is sending me to Amsterdam for a month, maybe two. I'd like to take the family, but we'd have to go in two days time. I can't afford a hotel for the four of us, but renting a furnished house should be ok. How can I find a property and close the deal in 48 hours when I don't know anybody in Amsterdam and I'm busy with preparations for going, here in Poughkeepsie? Personally I can't, but my online personal shopping service can!

How does the Savefinder personal shopping service work?

  • You turn on the internet
  • You navigate to www.savefinder.com
  • You post a question (such as the above) for $10.00
  • Within 24 to 48 hours you get an answer for your question
  • You pick up the phone and start arranging to rent a furnished house or
    you browse the links provided by your personal shopper and place an
    online order.

So, a customer spends a small amount of money and very little time to get answers for his/her questions.

Usually a customer can get answers in 24 hours for a number of categories of questions such as antiques, art, books, business & industrial, cameras & photos, cars, parts & other vehicles, clothing, shoes & accessories and coins etc.

Using Savefinder personal shopping service one can now quickly, easily and cheaply find items and information previously beyond your reach.


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