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Project Plans are developed based on project effort estimation. For effort estimation Function Point Analysis technique is used.

Function Point Analysis (FPA)
Our Project effort estimation is based on the Function Point Analysis technique, which includes:

  • Identifying Internal Logical Files (ILF) – It is a user identifiable group of logically related data or control information maintained within the boundary.
    The primary intent of an ILF is to hold data maintained through one or more elementary processes of our application.
  • Identifying External Interface Files (EIF) – An external Identifiable
    Interface file is a user identifiable group of logically related data or control information referenced by the application, but maintained within the boundary
    of another application. We identify an EIF in order to hold data transferred
    through one or more elementary processes within the boundary of the
  • Identifying External Inputs – External output comes from outside the
    boundary of the application being counted. The main intent behind identifying
    the external inputs is to maintain one or more ILF and to alter the behavior
    of the system.
  • Identifying External Outputs – These files send data outside the boundary
    of our application. We identify the external outputs in order to present
    information to user for processing logic, in addition to the retrieval of data or
    control information.
  • Identifying External Inquiry – The primary intent of an external inquiry is to send data or control information to the user outside the application boundary.
    Unlike EIF, the processing logic contains no derived data. Also, no internal logic
    file is either maintained or the behavior of system is altered.

Focused Planning Areas:
For planning, we focus on the following areas:


  • Milestones plan
  • Deliverable review plan
  • Detailed plan
  • Test plan

Progress Monitoring:

  • Project weekly progress reports


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