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Datalinks, the Netherlands
Datalinks is a TechAges partner software house in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Datalinks was founded in March of 2000 in Amsterdam – The Netherlands.

The main focus is on development and sales of software for Dutch mid-size businesses.

We apply our enterprise experience to mid-size businesses by offering affordable alternative solutions. Often these alternatives include proven open-source products like the PostgreSQL database and Tomcat / JBoss application server.

Since 2001 we changed our strategy to favour outsourcing.

Datalinks performs acquisition, requirements management, project management, consultancy, functional design and quality assurance.

Technical work like technical design, programming, testing, maintenance and hosting is being outsourced to third parties.

Our experience in outsourcing to international software houses is extensive. After a long period of trial and error we have proven ourselves to be able to work efficiently, effectively and to give the customers value for money.

We see ourselves as creative business enablers that make proven technologies affordable for mid-sized companies.

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