A customer focused
Software house in Pakistan

TechAges is a customer focused software house in Pakistan delivering high quality added software solutions within a short time frame of 15 to 20 weeks. TechAges has a long list of successfully delivered software solutions for several clients in Europe and Pakistan in diversified business domains.

TechAges aligns itself with modern and advanced concepts in IT industry to help its customers (businessmen and entrepreneurs) by providing value added software. TechAges performs thorough research on each given problem and advises its customers on how their business growth aims can be achieved by the implementation of a specific and research-based software solution.

At TechAges, we also promote and sponsor the development of unique website ideas which could be turned into self revenue-generating websites. For such concept-based projects, we first research the business domain, study the market and perform detailed cost-benefit analysis. If our team is convinced of the concept’s viability then we plan, design, develop and implement such projects for our customers.

TechAges has its front/marketing offices in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and London, the UK.

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